day 4 // the beautiful part of sports.

How about sneaking in a late night post just before the end of the day.  I almost forgot I was writing every day — good thing I remembered before it was the 5th.  Today it only seems fitting to talk about some beautiful stuff as it relates to sports, seeing how it’s a huge Saturday for sports in the fall.  At least it is for me.  But based on all of the college football upsets today, I would say it’s been a big Saturday for a lot of people.  I can tell you it wasn’t a big Saturday for Maryland fans.  Yikes.  I always keep up with them because I was, after all, a Terp for awhile.  And the first time I went to a game [actually working nutrition for the game] I was in shock at the stadium because I’m used to Neyland.  Neyland is the best.  And speaking of the best, Neyland was looking extra classy today.  It was awesome seeing everyone wearing their assigned white or orange to checker Neyland.  Tennessee fans are the best!

What was not the best was our loss to Florida.  That one hurt.  I’m pretty sure most of us fans thought we would beat Florida.  The team was pumped up, the fans were pumped up, we nearly beat Georgia last week, and Neyland was checkered.  What could go wrong?  Apparently the whole game could.  If a score of 10-9 sounds brutal to you, then you can only imagine how rough that was to watch.  I watched Coach Jones press conference after the game and had my faith restored in the team.  People can be so harsh, saying he can’t coach and we aren’t going to pick it up.  He doesn’t have a lot to work with, and we’re holding our own.  We will get there.  I hope.  But if every other game in the season is like this, then maybe we won’t.

Speaking of brutal, let’s talk about the Cardinals playing this weekend.  Another reason this is a big weekend, besides the Tenn game vs. Florida, is the Cardinals are playing in the NLDS.  Game 1 started off brutal.  I thought it was a terrible game, and then all of the sudden, an 8 run 7th inning for the Cards.  Amazing.  Brutal game gone.  Winning game on.  The Cards are just starting Game 2 as I type this, so here’s to hoping Lance Lynn can do them well tonight.  And based on my late in the day caffeine, I will likely be up to see what happens.

And another sports thing this weekend — Tommy played in the alumni game for the Tennessee hockey team last night.  He didn’t play hockey at all last season and had decided he wouldn’t play again this season, so I was glad he was able to get out on the ice last night and play with some old teammates.  I know Jack would have loved to see him play, so I wish I could have taken him, but I think Tommy had a good time.  And it may just make him want to play this season after all.

So what’s beautiful about all of this?  The Cardinals win last night was — clearly.  The Vols loss today was not anything close to beautiful.  But beyond the actual games or how many times I said “that’s a beautiful hit!” there is a lot more to sports and the athletes, the people there.

Take for example Albert Pujols.  He used to rank up high in my opinion, and he has dropped lower because of how he left the Cards, however, that is a story for another day.  And not the point.  The point is that Albert has started something really great.  He uses his talent, his position, and his resources to make a difference in the lives of other people.  The Pujols Family Foundation is a blessing to the community.  According to their website, their purpose is::

“To promote awareness, provide hope and meet tangible needs for families and children who live with Down syndrome. To provide extraordinary experiences for children with disabilities and/or life threatening illnesses. To improve the standard of living and quality of life for impoverished children in the Dominican Republic through education, medical relief and tangible goods.”  


What a beautiful thing to use what you are given to bless others!

Michael Oher.  ‘Nough said.  If you don’t know his story then you need to go watch The Blind Side right now.  Tonight.  While the biggest part of the story is God using the people he did to change lives, sports played a large role in his story.  His talent, drive, discipline, and commitment to football was life changing for him.  It’s a beautiful thing to hear a story like that, to see a story like that.

And I think the most amazing and beyond beautiful story is this one ::  Team Hoyt.  Dick Hoyt is the active body for his son, Rick, as they have completed over 1000 races.  Their story is amazing, and what this dad has done and gone through for his son is beyond incredible.  All to help his son not feel handicapped.  Take some time to read their story.  You won’t regret it.

[sorry for the lack of pictures… technical difficulties on my part]

What is your favorite beautiful thing in sports?  I’d love to hear!


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