day 7 // beautiful to you.

One week into October, we are, and I can’t hardly believe it.  Didn’t October just start yesterday?  I am finding it harder to write on 31 days of beautiful so far than it was to write 31 days of hope.  My whole life was riding on hope last October.  And in fact, the hits just kept coming in October.  I had surgery and two days later my Granny had an aneurysm and later died.  In the same year we lost Gabriel — just months later.  Last year I clung to hope — we had to.

These past 7 days I’ve been having a harder time writing on what’s beautiful.  I need some encouragement in it.  So what I want to know is —- what is beautiful to you??  Where do you see beauty in your life?  I want to know!


Please share with me!  So I can then share with everyone on here.  I need inspiration.  Help me see the beauty!




5 thoughts on “day 7 // beautiful to you.

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  2. Dear Lauren,
    I see beauty: in the faces of those I come in contact with each day;
    in the thunder and lightning of a rain
    storm; in the moon shining across the ocean at nighttime; in the fragrance of
    homemade bread; in the faces of those greeting a loved one at the airport;
    in Gordy’s face when he is happily surrprised;

  3. I think it’s beautiful when a family is not just a husband and a wife and then the kid(s)….when the family is a team. Where one is weaker the other stronger, when responsibilities ebb and flow and change as they need to and it makes us better not worse for the wear. Basically when a marriage is as God intended. That’s pretty beautiful

  4. Hey, girl. I totally get it. Sometimes it’s hard. But with God on my side, I find I can face anything and even find the beauty in it. I am loving your series, so keep up the good work. God bless!

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