day 8 // reality check + your beauty.

I asked for beautiful and you guys delivered.  Not only that but I feel like I got a good reality check on it, too.  Thanks for your encouragement and helping me  to see the beauty that is all around us.  It’s amazing.  I love how God places people in our lives to build us up and help us to see His beauty when we are struggling to see it.

My Grandfather called and told me about the things he finds beautiful in this life, and I was really touched by his list, especially as next week will be one year since he lost his wife of 63 years.  He said that Jack is beautiful and so am I.  He said we have a beautiful family and friends.  The Grand Canyon, places in California, the Rocky Mountains, that we have good jobs and food to eat every day, and for each day we get here.  He’s a sweet sweet man.  Then not even one minute after I hung up with him my sister called to ask me about how I was struggling with the beautiful stuff.  She was in the mountains, and then she sent me this picture.

I got lots of good responses from you all, too.  Here are a few of them:

Sue in Maryland said:

“I see beauty: in the faces of those I come in contact with each day;
in the thunder and lightning of a rain
storm; in the moon shining across the ocean at nighttime; in the fragrance of
homemade bread; in the faces of those greeting a loved one at the airport;
in Gordy’s face when he is happily surprised”

Sue, I love those things, too!  Especially the airport greeting.  That is one of my favorite things to see, and something I watch every time I go to the airport.

Lindsey said:

“I think it’s beautiful when a family is not just a husband and a wife and then the kid(s)….when the family is a team. Where one is weaker the other stronger, when responsibilities ebb and flow and change as they need to and it makes us better not worse for the wear. Basically when a marriage is as God intended. That’s pretty beautiful”

Love this, Lindsey, thanks so much for sharing!

Madeline said:

“I totally get it. Sometimes it’s hard. But with God on my side, I find I can face anything and even find the beauty in it.”

Thanks, Madeline!  You are so right — we can find beauty in anything with God on our side.  He is beautiful.

Thanks so much for sharing guys!


3 thoughts on “day 8 // reality check + your beauty.

  1. Lauren, Beauty is when we take impossibilities and make them opportunities. This one is a hard one to look at when the obstacles look impossible. When we make it possible, it gives us peace within.

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