day 14 // inspiration is beautiful.


beautiful crayons




beautiful kid president



beautiful give me jesus



Tomorrow is October 15th — which means it’s pregnancy and infant loss awareness day.  If you were reading last year, you may remember that I asked everyone to light a candle in remembrance of the babies who have been lost.  You guys were amazing!!  I couldn’t believe all of the candles that people lit in memory of our Gabriel and many other babies.  It brought such hope and encouragement to my heart in a dark year.  Such an amazing symbol.  So I’m asking you to do it again this year!  Tomorrow, October 15th at 7 pm.  And we want to see them!  Send us a picture — Facebook, Instagram, email, Twitter.  However you want to spread awareness and show love to women who have lost a baby, go for it!  Let someone in your life know you are remembering their baby.  It will mean to the world to them.  I promise.  Thanks for loving us so well!


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