the weekend and some poor computer skills on my part plus G’s 11 month mark.

This weekend was one of sleep deprivation.  Thursday night Jack fell out of his bed in the  middle of the night, Friday night he woke up at 3:30 crying because he had wet the bed, and Saturday night he woke up screaming at 3:30 having a nightmare.  He has some weird night terrors sometimes but this was his first nightmare.  He was convinced there was a bee in his bed and could not get past it.  So we stayed up for the night.  I felt so bad for him.  Jack woke up right as Tommy did [because he gets up that early for the outage] so Tommy got ready and left for work and Jack and I laid in my bed watching a movie.

I guess I fell asleep and Jack did not because next thing I knew Jack had a pen in my face with the cap off and Jack asking me to help him.  He had pen mark on his face and he had done some journaling.  Yesterday evening I picked up my computer [my new Macbook] to do some work and it wasn’t working right.  Nothing was saved, it looked like a totally different computer, and I spent about an hour working on it last night trying to get it fixed.  Then I spent 2 hours on it today trying to get it fixed, reset settings, and download new stuff.  None of it worked.  It was so frustrating.  Finally it dawned on me that I had left it sitting out the other night and Jack must have messed with it while he had the house to himself Saturday night/Sunday morning.  I asked him if he played with my computer, and he told me he did and that it turned colors.


So I finally called Apple hoping my brand new computer wasn’t broken and it took all of 1 minute for the very kind man to very kindly tell me it sounded like I was in a guest profile and not my normal one.  To which I said yes it did seem like that.  He asked if I was, and I said I wouldn’t even know how to know that.  He told me how to log out of it and log back in mine and what do you know, it was all fixed.  He was very nice to me and didn’t make me feel totally dumb, which was nice of him because I already felt that way.

jack is a studPlayiing outside Sunday!


I spent all of my computer time trying to fix something that wasn’t broken.  So unfortunately all I had time left to write today was this post.  I hope you had a great weekend and your Monday is off to a good start.  Tomorrow I will be back with a healthy crockpot recipe.


And Saturday was the 5th which makes 11 months since Gabriel was born.  It’s hard to believe it’s been so long.  I spent some time Saturday thinking about what it was like a year ago when I was still pregnant with G.  It’s crazy that it’s been nearly a year.  I’m very thankful for my sweet friends Amy and Becca who continue to remember and celebrate our precious boy each month with us.  I am so blessed to have friends like that.  Their actions remind me of how I need to serve others.


G's grave 11 months

a few fun facts about today.

1.  This kid is amazing.

JT dinner




2.  It snowed today.  Snowed.  For real.  It’s March 25th and I live in Tennessee, and it snowed today.  This time next week it will be April, and it snowed today.  Having trouble wrapping my mind around this one.




3.  We get to have some pretty sweet dinner dates while Tommy is working.  Tonight we ran out to grab some Chick-fil-A and came back home to eat it.  We sat at the table enjoying each other’s company and talking to one another.  I had been quiet for a few minutes eating, and he looked up at me and said “I want to talk, mommy.”  He’s so precious.


JT smile


So I told him to smile so I could take his picture, which he did.  Then he quickly changed to this:

JT silly face

happy monday, last week, + the weekend.

It’s Monday and today is the start of a new, short season in our lives.  Tommy goes on shift work for awhile starting today, so we will be adjusting to a new schedule.  This week will be different learning that new routine, but we’re up for the challenge.


The weekend was… interesting.  I started potty training on Friday and we continued through the weekend.  Friday was rough.  I kept texting my friend, Megan, who is basically a potty training pro, asking her if everything was normal.  It didn’t help that Thursday night was rough for Jack for some reason, so he and I were both tired on Friday.  But he did really well, and I think he learned quickly!  Just in the moment, it felt pretty hard on Friday.  Especially when he was crying that he didn’t want to sit on the potty after we had been doing it  Ohh… the joys.  But seriously, he is awesome, and I’m so proud of how well he did!  He’s doing great, but we are definitely still working on it.


I’m thankful that the things that have hung over my head for awhile with regards to him becoming a big boy are getting crossed off, and I’m so so proud of Jack for doing so well with getting rid of the pacis and potty training.  Whew.  Can we get a lot of ice cream now to celebrate??  Maybe a nice Carribean trip?  Potty training and paci dropping deserve that, right?



And last week.  Whew.  It was a crazy, busy week.  But a beautiful week.  I felt so honored to get to spread the word about Trisomy 18 Awareness Day, and I am so thankful to Jessi at Naptime Diaries for allowing me to share my story on her blog last Tuesday.  I’m also thankful that Natalie at Knoxville Moms Blog has been so encouraging about me sharing my story over there, too.  I wrote about our G and hope on Jessi’s blog last Tuesday.  And then I got to share some about T18 on the Knoxville Moms Blog.


My big news of the week was the announcement of Project Gabriel.  Man, I was blown away by the support.  I’m so thankful and so blessed by the encouragement and positive feedback we have gotten.  I am also so hopeful that this little project can meet some needs and spread some love.  Thank you so much for supporting us!  If you haven’t like our page on Facebook yet, would you go do that?  Click here and it will take you to the page.  Thank you so much!


Wednesday I had a reporter filming my closet for a piece on organization and getting rid of stuff, and Thursday it aired.  I wasn’t nervous to be on there because I love cleaning and organizing and getting rid of stuff.  So that was all fine with me, but I was definitely nervous about my closet being filmed.  My house is not TV ready.  But she was so sweet and it went well.  And now that I have broadcasted that I have 40 hangers, I have some serious accountability!


I hope you’ve had a nice Monday!

weekend fun + a new week.

We had a nice weekend.  Hope you all did, too!  Saturday was beautiful.  We were really productive and stayed busy.  Jack spent the morning with his Nan and Pops having a blast doing everything he could and pushing his toy mower all around their yard.  While he was there Tommy and I took the dogs to the vet for check-ups and vaccines.  My friend, Sarah, is our vet now!  She and her sister are both vets at the same animal clinic, so we are excited to be going there now.  Sarah and I have known each other since 7th grade.  We lived together in college, and she was in our wedding.  So we are really happy she is going to take care of our dogs now.  Anyway, it ended up being a pricey visit since they both needed vaccines, and heart worm meds, and ears cleaned, and apparently Eli has a moderate to severe double ear infection.  The ear infections are back to get me, guys.  Thank goodness it’s in my dog and not my kid.  Whew.  If you ever see me walking down the street wearing goggles, maybe a ski mask, and maybe a highly unfortunate outfit, you will know the ear infections are back for Jack, and I’ve lost it.


In other news we ran a bunch of other errands, while Jack went out to breakfast with Nan at “Old McDonald’s”, then to the library for some books and reading.  We had a slow-paced evening at home Saturday.  Sunday was raining.  We got some stuff done around the house, I did chores, and then Jack got more time with Nan and Pops while Tommy and I went to his Uncle Will’s wedding.  We are so happy for his Uncle Will and his new bride Christy.  It was such a sweet ceremony, and we are excited for them as they blend families and start their new lives together.


I am so excited for this week!  There are some really exciting things happening — mainly tomorrow.  I hope you will come back tomorrow and read my post which has A VERY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT [that is not a baby].  Here are some pictures from the weekend.


family selfie

silly faces

three musketeers

will and christy


jump jam

On Friday Jack and I went to Jump Jam for the first time with some friends.  The boys are about 2 months in age and Jackson is so cute!  They had a great time together.  And Jackson’s mom [Ms. Taylor who is one of Jack’s preschool teachers] and I had fun/were pretty nervous about all the jumping.  This place is basically wall to wall trampolines.  I felt pretty old, but we had a good time!  Tommy says Jack looks like a giant in this picture, but I think it’s so cute.  The boys are having so much fun.

spring, winter, sun, snow, and nutrition.

The weather this week has been crazy!  Tuesday afternoon it was 74 degrees.  Wednesday afternoon it was 44.  Tuesday I was hot while we were playing outside.  Wednesday I was bundled up in my coat again preparing for it to dip down into the 20s.  This morning I woke up and saw snow on our deck.  Wild.  Today it is supposed to warm up again, so hopefully we can get back outside.  I like winter, but I only needed one more snow and that big one did it.  And now that we have had warmer weather, I’ve gotten the taste of warmth and I’m ready for spring to be here.

Enjoying the spring weather with a selfie [what am I thinking?]   


march snow
This morning.



In other news, the Morgan household has had a dramatic shift.  Jack is no longer using pacis.  We cut him off last Friday, and he has done really well this weak without them.  He asked for his baseball paci before nap and bed on Saturday and Sunday but otherwise hasn’t mentioned them, other than to tell people that he isn’t sleeping with his pacis anymore.  He’s proud of his big boy status.  And we’re proud of him!  He’s used a paci since he was hours old in the NICU.  That was all he had to suck on those early days when he was too sick to eat, so I know they were a huge comfort thing for him.  

We told him that he was a big boy and big boys don’t use pacis, babies do.  We told him that he got to give his pacis to a baby who needed them.  He kept saying “and then that baby [or that kid] will bring the pacis back to me.”  He realized they weren’t coming back.  It was emotional Friday night, but he has done great!  So proud of him, and really not too bad.  The only down side has been that this appears to have been the catalyst to him dropping his nap.  He has been staying awake in his bed at night for several months now.  Some times he would stay up until 11:30, just chatting.  For months.  It was driving me crazy, but I felt like he still needed his nap.  Well, he has not taken a nap in 8 days and has done great.  He loves hanging out in his room for “rest time” and then independently deciding when he is done in his room.  He quietly leaves his room, goes to play in the office for a little bit [doing what he later tells me is helping me clean and organize], comes downstairs and turns the tv on, and plays with his toys quietly in the living room.  He loves having this independence.  He actually gets disappointed when I come out and say hi to him.  It’s adorable to see him being independent and operating on his own, and I hope to continue to foster his desire for independence.  That has been our routine every day this week.  He is precious.



last paci

Jack’s last paci sucking on Friday evening.  He got to suck on it driving around and then shortly after we got home, he put his pacis in a box to give away.


first night without paci
Going to sleep for the first time without pacis.  



naptime smiles
He was supposed to be up in his room napping, when suddenly he turned the corner with a big smile on his face and his entourage with him.  He’s adorable.



Continuing with the NNM theme this week, I want to share this article about my friend, Lindsey.  Lindsey, aka the DIY Dietitian, is an awesome RD in Nashville.  Lindsey is one of my best buds from college.  We went through all of our nutrition classes together, she taught me how to make iced coffee, and she’s adorably fun and thoughtful.  She is actually the one who encouraged me to start this blog.

Check out the article above where Lindsey is interviewed by another RD about grocery shopping and all that good jazz.  Then check out this post of Lindsey’s about low calorie food finds.  Great suggestions here, and she gives a calorie breakdown, too, so you can know exactly what you’re getting when you eat these.

why i love having a big boy and this delightful stage.

When Jack was a few weeks old, I got really sad that he was growing.  I loved him so much, and I was so afraid of him getting bigger and out growing the things that I loved the most about him.  I told my mom this one night while we were talking on the phone, and I think I will always remember her answer.  She said she remembered feeling the same way with me when I was a baby, but then I would get older and that stage would be even more fun than the last.  She said it was always okay because each age became her favorite as I grew into it.  I’m sure there was some limit to that – hello, teen years – but within a few months I found myself feeling exactly the same as my mom had felt over 20 years earlier. 


Each cute little tiny newborn thing was replaced by something really cool, like rolling over and sitting up and eating real food.  Then he could walk and run and play so much more.  Then he became passionate about things and was so fun to be with.  Then he started talking.  And now he is this for real little person in our lives who gets life and participates in it each day with us.  It never ceases to amaze me. 

 Nikon D3200 612

This age is so fun.  Jack knows how things go, and it’s really fun to have a little buddy in life.  When 2 years ago I couldn’t imagine how I would mother a toddler, now it is my very favorite thing.  Sure, there are challenges with a 2, almost 3 year old, but man, it is fun. 


Nikon D3200 264 

Nikon D3200 740 


I have to appreciate this stage that we are in right now.  It’s delightful.  And while I don’t take lightly the responsibility of raising a child and shepherding him, I am enjoying how much easier this stage is.  I have a child who can – maybe won’t, but can – get diapers, and clothes out.  Go grab his shoes and put them away.  Put laundry in the washer for me and help unload the dishwasher.  He can wipe off the table and put his laundry in his drawers.  Of course, there are still the times where he needs milk, then he needs juice, then he needs water, then he needs a snack, then he needs another one, then he needs to play upstairs, then he needs me to go with him, then he needs to color.  But he is really helpful, and he really is a big boy these days.  And it’s fun.  And I love it.  Jack loves being a big boy.  It is the best.  And I am loving this stage we are in right now. 

   Nikon D3200 435

it’s a monday.

We had a good weekend – 2 kid birthday parties, church, basketball, and I stayed out late last night for a birthday girls’ night for one of my friends.  It’s Monday.  And boy does it feel like it.  My day is packed with things like grocery store, cleaning, meal planning, cooking, working out, and a whole lot more cleaning.  Anyone else? 


Hope you are having a good Monday, and here’s a little pick me up.   Isn’t he the cutest person you’ve ever seen drinking Starbuck? 

cutest little starbucks kid


Also, I’m new to iphone world so I don’t know much.  Is there a way to get pictures from my iphone to the computer and post on here that don’t look so grainy and blurry?  This picture looks great on my phone but terrible on here. 


Happy Monday! 

weekend party.

Saturday our sweet friends had their birthday party.  My friend, Becca, has 2 boys who share a birthday.  She had the same due date with both of them – just like I did with  my boys!  I thought that was so fun when we met almost a year ago.  Her boys turned 3 and 1, and they had a fun party at a little gym here that is perfect for our kids. 


Jack had the best time.  He got to jump, climb, and play with his friends.  Then eat a Tennessee cupcake, squeezy pouch, and a Capri Sun.  All his favorite things.  He had to learn the concept that he only gets one cupcake.  Tough lesson.  Also, he is that kid who scarfs down a cupcake in about 5 seconds flat.  Becca and I took turns taking pictures, so here are a few of the fun. 



Nikon D3200 804 
the dads. 


Nikon D3200 805  

Nikon D3200 807  

Nikon D3200 813  

Nikon D3200 823  

Nikon D3200 824 

 Nikon D3200 833 
one of the birthday boys.  Benton’s one! 

  Nikon D3200 840
the other birthday boy.  Brayden’s 3! 


Nikon D3200 847

Nikon D3200 864  


Nikon D3200 798


We had the best time and were so happy to get to celebrate these sweet boys!  Brayden and Benton are such precious boys, and we’re so happy we get to watch them grow! 

more snow days.

Tuesday we had snow all day, and it was fantastic.  I feel terrible for the people in Birmingham and Atlanta who had some really bad situations.  I know conditions were rough in Knoxville, but thankfully not like that.  It took Tommy 2 hours to get home from work Tuesday afternoon, and he had to cancel his business trip due to the weather.  But really an unexpected snow is my very favorite!  I hate when they say we are going to get snow and we get none or flurries.  So I love when it’s not expected and we get a good snow.  We had over 4 inches fall.  Big stuff around these parts. 

Schools were closed on Wednesday, Thursday, and today due to the road conditions.  I was pretty disappointed Jack didn’t get to go to preschool yesterday – I’m sure along with many other mamas.  But I’m glad his teachers get to enjoy some snow time at home. 


We’ve been pretty much stuck at home for days now.  So after I shared how stressed I was by how many things I needed to do, I definitely got some rest time at home.  It’s been nice, but we’ve got some things to get done so we will venture out to do some errands today.  Jack is in need of getting out of the house, too. 


One would think with all of this time at home I have been really productive.  I should be all caught up on blogs, emails, and house stuff.  Apparently being stuck at home does little for my productivity.  So here are a bunch of pictures from Tuesday night and Wednesday in the snow. 


Nikon D3200 732 Nikon D3200 662  Shortly after the snow started.  Nikon D3200 668 Nikon D3200 683 Nikon D3200 692 Nikon D3200 693 Nikon D3200 705 Nikon D3200 723

Nikon D3200 759

This dog doesn’t love the snow, but he does love playing and attention.  Maybe it’s because he was sitting in 2 feet of snow when we got him. 

Nikon D3200 760 Nikon D3200 734 Nikon D3200 743 Nikon D3200 748 He was so excited to go out and play again on Wednesday.  And he looks so cute all bundled up! 


Nikon D3200 756 
This dog on the other hand, loves snow.  She’s been in snow taller than her before and loved it so much.  She’s funny. 


Hope you are enjoying snow if you have it!  Hope everyone is having a good week!