snow day.

Yesterday we had a sick day.  Today we are having a snow day.  I’m catching breaks all over the place this week!  Looking at our week ahead on Sunday, I was stressed out because we had something going on every night this week with lots of stuff to get done this week, too.  Sunday and yesterday I was forced to slow down with Jack sick.  Today the snow, aside from how much I just love snow, has really made my week better.  Tommy was supposed to go out of town on business, but thanks to the snow and the bad road conditions, he canceled his trip.  It took him 2 hours to get home from work, so there was no way he was going to get to the airport in time for his flight.  So we get him here with us! 


Today we are staying in, watching the snow fall, and playing in it.  I’ve got blankets out, warm food going, and am doing lazy things.  It’s the best!  We are very blessed. 


  snow day 2014 jan snow day 2014 snow day 2014 jack



Our sweet neighbor gave Jack 2 superhero towels that her kids used to wear when they were little.  Jack loves it!  And is definitely my favorite super hero. 

batman jack batman jackman

sick day.

I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately with all of the things I need to get done.  Nothing too big, but just trying to get used to working on hobbies, passions, dreams, alongside of taking care of Jack, the house, the laundry, dishes, dinner, etc.  I’m learning to adjust, but it’s definitely taking time. 


I’m not a person who functions well when I over book my schedule.  And my over book is probably most people’s regular schedule.  But for me, and our family, to function well, we need a balance of time out, time with friends, time at church and Bible study, time with family, and time at home doing chores, playing here, working on projects, and for me getting some work done.  My sister is the person who can come by here from 3-5, go to dinner with someone, go do something with someone else after that, and then go home to spend time with her roommates.  That stresses me out so much 🙂  There’s nothing wrong with either way – we are just wired differently.  Although I will never understand how she does all of that having narcolepsy?? 


Today has ended up being a freebie day for us.  Jack is sick, so we are stuck at home.  It’s given me a chance to look at my calendar, get a little work done, spend time with my boy, and give us a reason to just be at home.  Of course, the down side is that it means we have to cancel our fun plans too.  No playing with any friends today.  No dinner with some fun friends tonight.  And of course no one likes having to wash the same sheets twice in one day.  Or their kid being sick.  But with so much sickness going around this time of year, I’m thankful Jack has been healthy so far this year.  And I will take the opportunity today to refocus at home and refocus my heart.  Avoiding busyness and reminding myself to FOCUS. 


Tomorrow I will no doubt sing a different tune when Jack has to miss preschool.  


sick day holding hands sick day

you are not broken.

Jack falls asleep listening to music every night.  But last week the last song on the CD quit playing correctly, so it just started skipping and making bad noises.  This became problematic because it wouldn’t just turn off anymore, and we had to go in Jack’s room to turn it off – which would sometimes wake him.  So on the advice of my friend, Tommy ordered a sound machine.  We should have just done that from the beginning.  Oh well.  The sound machine came, and we set it up telling him how special it was and that is was just for him, and he hated it.  He screamed in terror.  So now we are trying to convince him that it’s great.  If Tommy puts him down, he just puts the sound machine on, but Jack knows he has me at nap time.  I need him to nap, so I will do what it takes.  Yesterday afternoon I did his music and the sound machine, and he wanted that again last night.  So I turned Jack’s music on after his repeated requests wore me down.


After it started playing, he said “it’s not broken”.  I told him he was right, that it wasn’t completely broken.  Then he said, “I’m not broken.” I told him he was right, that he wasn’t broken.  Then he said, “You’re not broken, mommy.”  


Man, how does my 2 year old keep teaching me things?  I told him that he was right, that I wasn’t broken.  Then I paused and said, “even though it feels like it sometimes”.

But wow, he was right.  I am not broken.  And today, I want to share that with you, too.  If you’re feeling that way, I hope Jack’s words strike you deeply like they did me.  I hope you will find comfort in knowing that no matter what is hard in your life right now – kids who won’t sleep, kids who fight, a draining job, a draining home life, a messy house, an illness, grief, loss, death, fighting, people letting you down, hurt, no job – whatever it is that’s making you feel broken… know that you are not.  God is in the business of healing, and He makes us whole.  Because of Him, we are not broken.


pictures 1866


And tomorrow when you wake up and life feels just as hard or your day gets worse, remember my sweet boy’s words in the most innocent of voices, “you are not broken”.  And cling to that truth.  And keep pushing forward.


pictures 1873

boomsday, labor day, and weekend fun.

There’s not much better than a long weekend.  Especially when a long weekend kicks off Staycation 2013.  Tommy wasn’t able to get off work when we went to the beach earlier in the summer, so he’s taking a couple of days off this week for some fun and rest.  We started Friday night off with Calhoun’s.  So good!  And then Jack had a blast playing with all the little girls who live on our street.  They’re like little mamas to him – which is working out really well for everyone, I think.  🙂 


Saturday was the first football game of the season.  It’s so fun that it’s exciting again!  We have a new coach and things are looking up this season.  A 45-0 victory was a good start to the season.  And a game with no penalties pretty impressive.  We enjoyed watching the game.  Even Jack was into it! 






Sunday morning we visited the cemetery after church.  Some of the leaves are starting to change colors there.  The seasons are getting ready to change. 






Sunday was Boomsday.  For those who don’t live in Knoxville, Boomsday is the largest Labor Day fireworks show in the nation.  It’s huge and impressive and one of my favorite Knoxville events ever.  I have such fond memories of Boomsday.  My dad used to work at the hospital that was right on the river where they shoot off the fireworks.  So we would go there to watch and have the best view.  They would have games and food and then we’d spread out blankets and watch the fireworks.  It also used to be on Labor Day, so we’d get to stay out really late on a school night.  Over time, they changed it to Sunday night before Labor Day, and I’ve watched Boomsday from a lot of locations.  In my hospital room at Children’s as a kid, from the top of my dorm as a college student, from the top of parking garages, and down by the river with the crowds of Knoxville.  Another part of why I love Boomsday so much is that Tommy and I met at Boomsday 8 years ago.  Yesterday was our 9th Boomsday together! 


We actually didn’t go yesterday, which was disappointing.  But since I have become heat intolerant this summer, and it was 89 degrees yesterday, it just didn’t seem like the best idea.  And even more so, Jack has had a cold and cough for the past several days, and second hand smoke is a big irritant for his reactive airway disease, so we thought the cough + smoke might not be good for him.  But we did let him stay up and watch it on TV and he was so very excited to watch fireworks on TV. 



And he wanted to take a picture of them.  On the TV.  In the dark. 




Today we are enjoying an extra weekend day and going to my parents’ for a cookout and some home made ice cream. 



Happy Labor Day!! 

why 2 year olds are the best.

I picked Jack up from school and was talking to him about his day on the way home.  I asked him what he did at preschool, and he said “the little mouse went night night”.  Conversations like that make 2 year olds some of the best people to talk to. 


I tripped and Jack laughed really hard and followed it up with “mommy so funny”.  He boosts my confidence in life. 


The way I hear him talking after he wakes up in the morning or from his nap on the monitor makes my heart smile.  It’s a reminder of how smart he is, and sometimes he’ll throw something in there like “I owe ew mommy”, his I love you, when he doesn’t even know I can hear him. 


His ability to climb, crawl, jump, fly, slide, and glide on, through, over, under, around anything is incredibly impressive.  The flexibility and athleticism of 2 year olds is something impressive. 


And the emotional status of a 2 year old is only rivaled by that of a young teenage girl.  One minute they’re happy and everything’s great, and the next there are a lot of tears, you can’t understand them, and you’re pretty sure life will never be the same again.  But usually, with just the right combination of pampering and giving them what they want, within five minutes  it’s better. 


There’s nothing like spending some refreshing time with a two year old.  Jack’s 2 year old view on life reminds me not to take myself too seriously. 


jack2 jack


Last week Jack got another big boy haircut.  I can’t stand to cut his hair too often, so I wait until it gets really long and then have them cut a bunch off.  I was hoping if I let it grow out some this summer it would curl up again.  And it didn’t – at least not much.  I miss those baby curls!  But he does look like an adorable little boy with his new haircut. 




He did great!  A friend suggested we go to this barber shop, and I’m so glad we did!  We have been there twice now.  They have a special race car seat for the little kids, and Jack loves having his own special seat.  They have toys, candy, suckers, animal crackers, and turned the TV to cartoons for him.  He loves it there.  And as long as he gets his purple, or “poo poo” sucker, as he calls it, he’s a happy camper. 




My handsome boy. 

happy weekend.

It’s been a long week.  Has it felt that way to anyone else?  Tommy has been working a lot this week, so we haven’t seen him much.  He’s been tired and stretched.  Jack has been his adorable self in true two year old form every other day this week.  I’m sure it has something to do with schedule shifts, but Monday, Wednesday, and today were full of two year old moments.  Jack currently loves telling me no.  We were riding in the car the other day, and he said “Jack go Chickfila with [and then listed his friends]” so I responded by saying “You want to go to Chickfila with your friends?”.  To which he answered with a strong NO!!  Ok, buddy, ok. 


So with those things, and trying to figure out a new rhythm, and physical therapy which doesn’t take into account my need to be lazy, it’s been a long, tiring week.  Not a bad week.  Just long.  So we’re looking forward to this weekend!  I hope you have a fun, restful weekend. 



Making faces 

saturday fun.

We had a busy weekend that was full of fun and a few firsts for Jack. One of my favorite new areas in town is a new town center just a few miles down the road from our house.  Saturday morning they held a town center block party, and we had so much fun there with friends.  There was a small carousel, which Jack loved.  Bounce houses, which Jack loved.  And a helicopter that was really cool to see in person.  Jack loved most everything about it! 






Then we went home for his nap and went back out for more fun with friends.  We went to eat some really unhealthy food and then headed downtown for the UT open practice.  It was a lot of fun and Jack’s first time going to a football game [we’ve been calling it that because he was so excited about it].  It was his first time at Neyland Stadium, too.  He was very curious about the music, all the people, and all the noise they made.  He loved when people cheered, when they played music, and most of all he loved Smokey, the mascot.  Once he found Smokey, he calmed down and enjoyed the practice. 



Big boys eating dinner.  No high chairs needed here. 




His first walk to Neyland. 








2 year old boys playing around. 







The boys watching football. 









Sweet little boys. 



It was such a fun day.  And then Jack woke up Sunday morning covered in throw up.  Poor little guy.  So we spent Sunday recovering at home after an active Saturday.  It was a good weekend. 


A little Friday fun around here.  Practicing our different smiles for the camera. 


smiles6 smiles smiles2 smiles3 smiles4 smiles5




The new necklace I’m wearing was a gift from my sweet friend.  She left it on Gabriel’s grave for me to celebrate and remember 3 months since he’d been born. 


Thanks for the precious gift, Amy! 




Happy weekend friends!