Jack’s Snack Pack

Dinner ideas, recipes, and snacks we like…

A list of healthy crockpot meals for quick, easy, good, and healthy dinners.

Don’t use those cans of cream of soups any more — this easy homemade recipe is so much better!

Spinach chicken crockpot spaghetti.

A very healthy alternative for a sweet Valentine’s treat.

A favorite recipe!  White chicken chili — so satisfying and so healthy, too!

This veggie chicken pasta bake is delicious and so full of good stuff!

Hamburger soup with vegetables too!

A soup full of veggies.

Stuffed bell peppers.

Jack loves his black beans.

Our breakfast.

The best pork EVER.

What I made with cabbage.

Black bean cakes.  [if it has the word cake in it, it must be good, right?]

Delicious zucchini pizzas.  TRY THIS RECIPE!

A good take on stuffed chicken.

The casserole saga.

How to get veggies in your spaghetti and make it still taste good.

Jalapeno poppers.



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