sharing about jack’s birth.

The Knoxville Mom’s Blog bloggers are sharing their birth stories in a series.  Today I’m up, and I’m sharing about the day Jack was born.  It’s fun remembering that incredible and also difficult day.  Head over to the KMB blog to read all about it

Jack birth story


Isn’t he the cutest baby you’ve ever seen?  Mmmm I love this picture even more now than I did then. 

we’re growing.

Dear friends!  We are so excited to share that Baby Morgan 2 will be joining us next year!




Our due date is May 26th.  It was my due date with Jack.  And it’s my birthday.  What are the odds?  This year we celebrated Anni-Jack-a-birthday, as Tommy calls it.  Next year, we’ll have to come up with a new name.  With our anniversary on the 24th, Jack’s birthday the 25th, and mine the 26th, we have cause to celebrate all week long.  Tommy’s hoping this new little one arrives on the 23rd or 27th– just to keep things lined up neatly 🙂