weekend party.

Saturday our sweet friends had their birthday party.  My friend, Becca, has 2 boys who share a birthday.  She had the same due date with both of them – just like I did with  my boys!  I thought that was so fun when we met almost a year ago.  Her boys turned 3 and 1, and they had a fun party at a little gym here that is perfect for our kids. 


Jack had the best time.  He got to jump, climb, and play with his friends.  Then eat a Tennessee cupcake, squeezy pouch, and a Capri Sun.  All his favorite things.  He had to learn the concept that he only gets one cupcake.  Tough lesson.  Also, he is that kid who scarfs down a cupcake in about 5 seconds flat.  Becca and I took turns taking pictures, so here are a few of the fun. 



Nikon D3200 804 
the dads. 


Nikon D3200 805  

Nikon D3200 807  

Nikon D3200 813  

Nikon D3200 823  

Nikon D3200 824 

 Nikon D3200 833 
one of the birthday boys.  Benton’s one! 

  Nikon D3200 840
the other birthday boy.  Brayden’s 3! 


Nikon D3200 847

Nikon D3200 864  


Nikon D3200 798


We had the best time and were so happy to get to celebrate these sweet boys!  Brayden and Benton are such precious boys, and we’re so happy we get to watch them grow! 

when jack turned one.

Jack is 14 months now, and it feels like only yesterday when we celebrated him turning one.  How is my baby so old already?  And he seriously is a little boy now.  He still gives me hugs and wants to cuddle when he’s tired or gets hurt but other than that, he’s on.the.move.  All the time.

I didn’t capture as many pictures of decorations and family as I wanted to, but it was fun to be in the moment.

I think the look on his face is for the fire, not the cake.

I was so excited to see what he would do with the cake.  It was a much anticipated moment for me.  He stuck his hand in a little but really wasn’t crazy about it.  We had more than half of that cake leftover, totally untouched by him.

He stayed a lot cleaner than I had expected/hoped.

Yaa mama, I’m one!

It’s hard to get a picture with a one year old.

He loved that balloon.  I loved it too.  It was so huge and so fun.

Love this sweet sweet face.

My baby’s one!  What a fun year it’s been.