30. when memorials give hope.

This is it – we are wrapping up October, wrapping up the 31 Days series.  I could actually write on this topic for awhile longer, but I will be ready to take a break from thinking about one thing.  It sure has been good for my brain and my heart though to focus on hope for a month.  But I will talk more about that tomorrow when I recap this month. 


Today I wanted to share a sweet memorial.  My parents’ neighbors placed this in my parents’ backyard as a memorial for Gabriel and my Granny. 


memorial planter



It was such a kind act, a sweet gesture of hope.  Because now when I’m at my parents’ and I look in their backyard I will remember my sweet baby and my loving grandmother.  I’m thankful for this that reminds me of them – for the hope that they are in Heaven, for the freedom to remember and smile, and for the joy that I have from being blessed with them in my life. 


One thing I’ve realized by writing through this month of hope is that I want to be hope-giving to others.  We have had so many people giving us gifts that give life, that give hope.  And I hope that one day I am able to do that, too.