this time around.

Since I shared our great news about adding to our family, I thought I’d go over a few of the details of this pregnancy so far.


I was hoping my second pregnancy would be totally different from my first.  It hasn’t.  Guess it’s a good thing since the product of the first is so awesome.  I’d hate to have an awesome pregnancy and a lame kid.  That’d be disappointing.


I was really sick while I was pregnant with Jack.  Hyperemesis gravidarum is the medical term for severe morning sickness.  I could hardly keep anything down.  Nothing settled well with me.  I threw up at the hospital I worked in then A LOT.  Talk about gross.  I can guarantee you in my younger germaphobe days, I would have curled up in a ball and cried at the very thought of that.  I took medicine to help keep me from throwing up and it helped.  Things got better for awhile, but then for some reason, it all came back with a vengeance late in my pregnancy.  I became dehydrated and the meds weren’t working for me anymore, so I had to go on home IV infusions for fluids and medicine.  Fun stuff.  Our goal this time around is to avoid all of that.


So this time, I did get sick right off the bat.  I think I was sicker more quickly and more intensely this time.  But I had so much love and support here that they quickly nursed me back to health.  My mom bought me a slew of popsicles, frozen ice, and lemon ice-ade when that was all I could tolerate.  We have a surplus of Sprite and Sierra Mist leftover from those early weeks.  I ate more Saltine crackers than anything.  I set up camp in our bedroom with the laptop and re-watched every Parenthood episode.  My mother-in-law maintained my home for me.  Any laundry getting done was all her.  Tommy fixed dinner for him and Jack– I couldn’t even look at food.  I spent most of my time laying down.  Jack was so precious about helping me out.  It was like he knew I didn’t feel good.  He kept himself so busy, and played so well so I was able to just lay on the couch while he played.  So thankful for that.  So thankful for everyone and their help!  Don’t know how we would have made it through without them all.  We got a prescription for some medicine for me around 6 weeks and after a few weeks, it kicked in and things seemed to balance out a little more, and I was able to slowly start eating again.  A few weeks ago, my energy level went back up, and I’m even OK to cook again.


sick day

I shared this picture on Instagram one day more than 2 months ago with the caption:  “Sick day today.  Thankful for family for taking care of my baby and me.  Got a rockstar husband, and awesome parents, and in-laws.  Enjoying the view from this bed.”



I feel really great these days.  As long as I take my medicine every 8 hours I’m in good shape!  I do hope to wing off of it soon.  I know it’s better for me to take it and be well-hydrated and nourished than to suffer, but I hate the thought of taking anything during pregnancy.  In the meantime, life has pretty much gotten back to normal.  Well– if by normal I mean a child who has had an ear infection for 6 straight weeks, but that is the new normal here.  I know I’ve mentioned several times that it’s been a rough season around here.  Mostly, it’s with Jack’s illnesses, but it didn’t help that he got sick right as I started getting better from many weeks of sickness.  [So thankful it wasn’t at the same time!!!]  This new baby is a blessing, but the early pregnancy challenges are hard [for all, I’m sure, not just us].  It’s a full and blessed season, but one that presents challenges and change and opportunity for growth as well.


As Christmas approaches, it feels as if we have a new season upon us.  The pain, heartache, and worries of the past couple of months are turning in to hope, joy, and lessons learned.  It’s really been a beautiful picture for our family to see this transformation and change of seasons.  As hope is on the horizon, we are watchful and full of anticipation in the Morgan home!


we’re growing.

Dear friends!  We are so excited to share that Baby Morgan 2 will be joining us next year!




Our due date is May 26th.  It was my due date with Jack.  And it’s my birthday.  What are the odds?  This year we celebrated Anni-Jack-a-birthday, as Tommy calls it.  Next year, we’ll have to come up with a new name.  With our anniversary on the 24th, Jack’s birthday the 25th, and mine the 26th, we have cause to celebrate all week long.  Tommy’s hoping this new little one arrives on the 23rd or 27th– just to keep things lined up neatly 🙂




so excited.

I’m so honored and thrilled that Jessi from Naptime Diaries has let me share about nutrition with her readers.  I’m over at Jessi’s blog talking about nutrition for mamas, especially during pregnancy.




You will LOVE Jessi’s blog.  It’s like sitting down to have coffee with a dear friend every time I read a post from her.  She’s so personable and kind-hearted!  I’m so excited for you to get to know her, too!