happy new week.

Today is one of those Mondays where I am happy to see it and ready to start a new week.  After lots of snow last week [which was awesome!] and then a long sick weekend in the Morgan house, we are ready for a new week.  This week looks very promising with a forecast of highs in the fiftys and sixtys.  We are going to get outside!  While I love all of the snow we have had this year, I am now ready for sunshine and warmth. 

We have all three taken a turn with a stomach bug.  I had an upper respiratory infection the week before that.  I didn’t see my doctor about it, assuming it was just a cold, but my rheumatologist was more concerned about it and gave me an antibiotic before I got started on steroids for my autoimmune disorders.  A day into that antibiotic, I was feeling so much better!  It’s amazing how helpful medicine can be when we need it. 

So it’s a new week, the sun is shining this morning, and I am looking forward to all this week holds.  Today is going to be full of cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, and getting all cleaned up. 

I didn’t get too many great pictures of the snow this time around.  We got over six inches Wednesday night and Thursday, and then had some show snow up Saturday night as well.  About 2 inches there.  It’s been a snowy winter for Knoxville, and I love it! 


Nikon D3200 952


Hope you have a wonderful new week! 


sick day.

I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately with all of the things I need to get done.  Nothing too big, but just trying to get used to working on hobbies, passions, dreams, alongside of taking care of Jack, the house, the laundry, dishes, dinner, etc.  I’m learning to adjust, but it’s definitely taking time. 


I’m not a person who functions well when I over book my schedule.  And my over book is probably most people’s regular schedule.  But for me, and our family, to function well, we need a balance of time out, time with friends, time at church and Bible study, time with family, and time at home doing chores, playing here, working on projects, and for me getting some work done.  My sister is the person who can come by here from 3-5, go to dinner with someone, go do something with someone else after that, and then go home to spend time with her roommates.  That stresses me out so much 🙂  There’s nothing wrong with either way – we are just wired differently.  Although I will never understand how she does all of that having narcolepsy?? 


Today has ended up being a freebie day for us.  Jack is sick, so we are stuck at home.  It’s given me a chance to look at my calendar, get a little work done, spend time with my boy, and give us a reason to just be at home.  Of course, the down side is that it means we have to cancel our fun plans too.  No playing with any friends today.  No dinner with some fun friends tonight.  And of course no one likes having to wash the same sheets twice in one day.  Or their kid being sick.  But with so much sickness going around this time of year, I’m thankful Jack has been healthy so far this year.  And I will take the opportunity today to refocus at home and refocus my heart.  Avoiding busyness and reminding myself to FOCUS. 


Tomorrow I will no doubt sing a different tune when Jack has to miss preschool.  


sick day holding hands sick day

a slight set-back.

Recovery was going well, as well as to be expected.  Little man ate and drank a bunch on the day of surgery, but Tuesday and Wednesday he hardly ate a thing and it took all our efforts to get liquids in him.  Wednesday evening the little man came down with a fever, which climbed up to that magic number they said to “call if your child gets this”.  Little man spent an hour and a half straight sitting in his Daddy’s lap watching a movie with us.  This has never happened.  Ever.  So we were worried, but he was tired and we put him to bed.  A few hours later he woke up screaming and I found him sitting in his crib covered in vomit and burning up.  That magic fever number had been hit, so I called the doctor’s office at 12:50 am.  Bless that Dr. who called me back at 1 am.  I know it’s part of his job, but part of your job or not, no one wants to be woken up at 1 am by a freaked out mom.


sick boy



This morning his fever is down to 101.2.  You know it’s a bad day when you’re happy to see a fever get down to 101.  So we’re having a sick day over here.  Lots of cuddling [I’m not complaining], plenty of meds, and not very much drinking of fluids.  But plenty of TRYING to get a certain little boy to drink up.  It’s hard to know whether it’s surgery related or whether the little guy is just that unlucky to catch a virus while recovering from surgery.  Either way, prayers are appreciated!


sick day