3. sun come out.

Every day my Jack reminds me that the sun comes out.  At some point earlier in this rainy year we had a sunny day after a lot of rain.  So I opened his curtains and told him that the sun had come out.  You know how 2 years old are.  Ever since then he tells me every day that the “sun come out”.



But the funny thing is that he doesn’t just tell me in the morning or at a time where we are talking about the weather.  He says it at very random times.  And there are some days where he says it at just the perfect time, and it’s a reminder to me.  Without fail, every day the sun comes out.  We have no control over it, but it keeps happening.  And sometimes when things are really dark, and it seems like it’s hard to keep going Jack’s statement that the “sun come out” reminds me that the darkness will fade and it will get brighter.



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If you are walking in a dark time or if life is just hard right now, remember that the sun comes out.  That’s what this little face tells me every day.



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31 days of hope with the Nester.

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Today is beautiful.  It’s warm and sunny and perfect.  It’s the kind of day that sneaks in in January and makes you want to drop everything and just be in the day.  I’m thankful for that.  Jack is too.  The boy needs to be outside and January’s weather has not allowed him to be an outside boy.





I’m thankful for this break from the normal January weather.  I’m thankful that today has been a good day.  I’m thankful that as I sit on my couch this afternoon eating a snack, what I think is that the worst thing that’s happened today is not having a grapefruit spoon to eat my grapefruit with.  I’m thankful for that.


Yesterday I was reminded that there is always hope for my little guy.  His heart is beating.  He is moving around.  He is with us.  I am thankful.


I pray you find things you are thankful for today.  For there are many.


And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which

indeed you were called in one body.  And be thankful.

Colossians 3:15 



hope is in the air.

I know I have written about the rain several times.  I just cannot get over the connection between the weather and where our lives are now.  We found out that something was wrong with Gabriel 11 days ago.  It has rained for the past 8 days, and it rained the day after we learned the details of Gabriel’s health.  So nine out of the eleven days that we have known about our baby boy’s health and prognosis, the skies have opened and it has poured out.  We’ve had 8 inches of rain in 8 days.  That’s not just “crazy weather”.  I mean it is crazy weather, but I do believe that there is a connection between that crazy weather and the state of our hearts.  I can’t remember a time when it’s rained so hard for so long.


People will often times equate trials in life to rain.  There are many songs that talk about “bringing the rain”.  We’ve been soaking wet.  We’ve been drenched when we walk outside, cheeks tear-stained, and hearts heavy with sadness on the inside.  But today the rain has stopped.  Not this trial in our life, not the hard that is our new life, not the tears we cry, but the rain falling from the sky has stopped today.  I see sunshine and the promise that comes with it.  There is something about the sun, especially after a very hard rainfall, that brings hope.


I wrote a couple of days ago about how I had quickly lost hope.  And then I was so thankful for how quickly the Lord allowed me to see that was happening.  It’s funny because today I woke up and my devotional was about where our hope is.  One of my favorite bloggers posted about the hope of spring.  Yesterday I had great hope that we would see snow.  And as I looked up out my window yesterday afternoon, I saw it.  The snow that I so eagerly waited for was falling.  I had hoped with deep longing to see snow yesterday.  It may be a silly thing, compared to what else I hope for now, but it reminded me that God fulfills hope.  God shows up.  And as I looked up and saw the snow falling, I started to cry.  Partly because that’s what I do these days.  But mostly because God shows up.  And He showed me, He reminded me yesterday, with the gift of snowfall.





Thank You God for snowfall.  Thank You for always showing up.  Thank You for signs of hope today through reminders from others, through Your creation, and through Your sunshine.