fall family pictures.

This fall our sweet friend took our family pictures again.  I love them, and I am so happy this has become a tradition for us.  Erin Rodgers is not only a talented photographer but a very thoughtful friend, too.  She wanted to honor Gabriel and help us remember him by gifting us with family photos.  I am so thankful she did this. 

I had actually thought about booking fall pictures with her this year, but then I thought that I didn’t want to take family pictures this year – that it would be too hard.  I wouldn’t have done it without some gentle nudging from her, and I’m so thankful for that.  Now we have pictures for this year, and in the future I will be able to look back and remember how those pictures were taken during our hardest season.  It’s a really special thing to have. 


We were also able to bring along our Gabriel bear.  Obviously, I missed having our sweet G in our family pictures, but it was neat to have a symbol for the member of our family who is missing in the pictures.  Plus, Jack thought it was so special to bring his Gabriel bear and get to take pictures with him. 


Erin, thank you for these sweet pictures.  We love them, and I’m glad you encouraged me to do this even though it was hard this year.  We are so thankful for you!! 


Family Pictures Fall 2013 020  

Family Pictures Fall 2013 011  

Family Pictures Fall 2013 012  

Family Pictures Fall 2013 013  

Family Pictures Fall 2013 014  

Family Pictures Fall 2013 015  

Family Pictures Fall 2013 016 

 Family Pictures Fall 2013 017  

Family Pictures Fall 2013 018 

 Family Pictures Fall 2013 019


Christmas yearbook.

I love looking at people’s family pictures from years past.  It’s so fun to laugh at how we all used to look and see how everyone’s grown and changed.  I want to be able to do that with our family and to remember what our family looked like each Christmas, so I started a tradition.  I put an ornament with a picture of our family that Christmas on the tree every year.  I love to look at it while the tree is up and it’s especially fun each year as I pull out the ornaments.  Since so much has changed for our family in the 4 Christmases that we’ve been married, it makes it more fun to see it all.


2009 –  Tommy, Lauren, & Lady




2010 – Tommy, Lauren, Lady, & Eli [and Jack on the way]

Christmas 2010



2011 – Tommy, Lauren, Jack and Lady & Eli [but they got cut out of the picture when the baby arrived on the scene]

Christmas Card 2011 Morgans


Christmas 2011 [on Christmas day last year]



2012 – Tommy, Lauren, Jack, and baby #2 on the way and Lady & Eli




Do you have fun family pictures you keep track of each year?  I’d LOVE to see them!