day 28// transparency tuesday.

Because transparency is important and honesty is beautiful, I bring you the first of many Transparency Tuesdays.  I’ve had multiple people say to me that it seems like I have it all together.  Like I’m really organized, plan things well, and have it all together.  My initial reaction to that is to laugh because it is so not true.  So Transparency Tuesday is to show that is not the case.  While I am an organized person, I hardly have it all together.  And for as much as I organize and clean our house, car, and life — with each passing day, it comes a little more unorganized.  Life just has a way of doing that.  I tend to show the best things on my blog, but I also want you to know that isn’t the every day or everything.  Take my laundry room, for instance.  The shelves weren’t as organized and cute as I would have liked, but I had to snap the picture and move on with it.  However, I still had to pick it up just to get the picture that clean.  Things are certainly not perfect, smooth, or all-together over here at all, and I don’t ever want to give the impression that they are.  Transparency Tuesday is to show all of the messiness in our every day life.


transparency tuesday hole in floor

A leak and crack in our toilet led to our powder room looking like this.  Not pretty.  But it is looking much better now.




transparent tuesday meatloaf

I made meatloaf last week, and it looked like this.  It tasted good, but it looked like a pile of something nasty.



transparency tuesday ripped jeans

And the most transparent of all transparency — I ripped my jeans putting them on recently.  Big ol’ fat ripped ’em.  If that doesn’t make a person look at their exercise habits and what they’re eating, I don’t know what will.  Yikes!



Transparency Tuesday — because messiness is beautiful.