Part of the fun newborn phase means more tv watching.  At least it does for me.  I remember watching several new series when Jack was a teeny babe, and wouldn’t you know I have plenty of tv time now with our baby.  When I’m up late, early, or during the night, I turn on the tv.  It might not be the best thing, but it helps keep me awake.  So I’m on a roll with a steady stream of my current favorite shows.

My very favorite show right now is the Good Wife.  I keep trying to get my friends to watch it, so we can talk about it.  I also always watch reruns of some of my old favorites — Seinfeld, Gilmore Girls.  I enjoy the Middle more and more as I have more children.  I watched some rerun from Mother’s Day a few years ago, and it was spot on.  Because I just can’t stop, I’m still watching the Bachelorette.  It’s disgusting.  Yet I watch.

I like turning off my mind to watch tv.  I also like multitasking, so I will often have the tv on but will have no clue what I’m watching.  This drives Tommy crazy.  He will frequently talk about a commercial we saw, but I never saw it because I was multitasking 🙂

A few things I’m going to try to do this summer include reading more!  Less tv, more reading.  That’s better for you right?

What are some of your favorite shows?  Any I NEED to start watching??