our getaway weekend.

Today I’ve been getting back to reality after a mini-vacation.  Tommy and I had our first getaway weekend since we became parents!  It was a wonderful weekend!  Tommy was still off today, so it was like one foot in vacation mode, one foot in reality – helping me to ease back into the week.  Tomorrow could be rough though.


We started off our fun weekend with a family morning.  The boys got haircuts and then we went out to eat.  Tommy told Jack that we would go to a restaurant to eat, so Jack picked “the old one with macaroni and cheese and lemonade”.  That’s how he thinks of Cracker Barrel.


weekend getaway hair cut for jack  weekend getaway hair everywhereweekend getaway haircut Jack has so much hair!!


weekend getaway boysweekend getaway cracker barrel


After lunch out, we headed home to finish packing up for our fun weekend.  Jack spent the weekend with my parents, Nan and Pops, and I’m pretty sure he had the greatest weekend of his life!  Saturday morning he and Nan had pancakes out, read books at the library, went to Kroger, and Toys-R-Us.  He came back a little spoiled 🙂

I facetimed him while we were gone, and he said “mommy, I want to stay here.  I want to stay here and have another sleep over mommy.  I stay here, mommy!” And then he hung up on me.  He didn’t miss us much.

weekend getaway facetime         This was me kissing him goodbye, and him hanging up on me.


Tommy and I went to Asheville on Friday.  We stayed at the Grove Park Inn and had an amazing trip.  It was so nice to get away.  We woke up Saturday morning to a little snow all around with a sweet view from our awesome room.


weekend getaway jerryweekend getaway pizzaweekend getaway harris teeterweekend getaway selfyweekend getaway restaurantweekend getaway breakfast


Then we headed back to Knoxville and spent the evening at home, childless.  Tommy had arranged for a special dinner for us Saturday night.  I knew he was up to something but was totally surprised by it.  We came home to a beautifully set table with amazing looking food for us, candles lit, and flowers.  It was so sweet of Tommy and my dear friend, Becca, to do all of that for me.  Becca cooked us dinner and brought it over and set it up for us.  Because I’ve been having so many problems eating lately due to my autoimmune disorders, they made sure I had a delicious meal that I could eat that was prepared in a kitchen I trust.  So sweet!  And amazing food.  I have to get the recipe because it was insanely delicious.


Saturday we watched the last 3 episodes of Parenthood and laid on the couch for a long time.  It was glorious.  And then Sunday morning we went to get our little man back.  We got to spend Sunday and Monday with him, just hanging out and enjoying our time together.


It was so nice to get away, even for a short trip.  It really helped to reset my system.  My SD card from my camera is not working properly, so these are just the iPhone pictures I have.  Hopefully I will get my card straightened out and be able to share more pictures.  I hope you had a great weekend!

we’re back.

Jack and I got home yesterday afternoon after a week at the beach with my family.  Unfortunately, Tommy wasn’t able to get away from work, so he couldn’t go with us.  We missed having him there – and apparently, Jack really missed the structure and balance of our normal routines.  There was little sleeping and a lot of “terrible twos” on this trip.  But we had a great time with family and completely loved getting to spend the week with them. It was my first time going to Hilton Head Island.  Jack and I both loved it.  


I don’t have a lot of good pictures because I don’t have a real camera right now, so here are some I took with my phone. 


Pictures 671

This boy loves to swim.  By the end of the week he was swimming all by himself, or “Jack self” as he would say. 



Pictures 666



Pictures 669



Pictures 574



Pictures 560




Pictures 519

We played on the massive, never-ending-fun, playground.  It was probably the coolest playground we’ve ever seen.  Jack was way too busy having fun to look at me. 



Pictures 515

Dinner at the Salty Dog. 



Pictures 501

There was a spider web by the elevator that caught “biiiiiggg bugs”.  Jack wanted to take his favorite trucks to the beach with him.  They won’t be his favorites for long now that they’re covered in sand and are salt water rusty. 


Pictures 508

Walking back from an evening swim at the pool.  Jack was so proud of himself for holding his own towel around him just like everyone else. 



Pictures 499

Bike rides.  Jack’s favorite thing ever. 



  Pictures 470




  Pictures 476  




Pictures 483



Pictures 485



 Pictures 495




Pictures 498 The deck the alligators lived under.  We saw one going swimming one day.  Jack didn’t pay too much attention to it.  Thank goodness because he usually wants to pet all animals. 


Jack and I [and I’m sure our family, too] were pretty wiped out  from vacation.  After a week of short sleep, it was nice to get home and sleep in our own beds for a long time.  It was a great trip!  Thanks for the fun trip, Nan and Pops! 

the beach part II.

More pictures from our fabulous and much  needed time of rest.

There are 2 guys here who are very happy.

I was afraid my little man  might have some whiplash after I took him for a cruise on the bike.  I think he’s ok.  It’s hard to steer one of those things.

My mama– such a beautiful lady!

We were pretty excited to see 9 deer in this yard.  Living in Maryland, I saw deer all the time, but something about it in all other places of the world is really cool.

I love this bridge.  This was the view from the front of the condo.  I’m not one to get into nerdy engineering things– even though my husband is– but this bridge amazes me.  Maybe it’s because I’m just so thankful we don’t have to drive over the old Charleston bridge anymore.  Anyone else remember those old bridges?

My brother is one of my favorite people.  Always has been.  It was so fun to spend a week with him.  That hasn’t happened in a long time.

Jack learned the word “go” on this trip.  He would pop up from his nap saying “I go” or “go, go” and literally hit the ground running for the door.

A little horse and carriage ride.  Was really nervous how a 1 year old would do.  He did great!

If only pictures could do it justice, but the moon was incredible.  The way it reflects across the ocean is breathtaking.

Mom and Dad, thank you for taking us on the most fabulous vacation!  We love you!

a much needed rest.

Isn’t it amazing how God lines things up and we have no idea how perfect they are until after?  We just got back from vacation with my family, and it was incredible.  We had all of us there and were at our favorite beach in the world.  The blessing of rest and time away was so needed that we could feel it.  Even now, as I transition back into reality, I feel so much better able to do daily life.  This is really the first time I’ve ever felt this.  It’s been a hard summer for our little family and our bigger family on husband’s side.  Tommy is working hard and has a lot going on at work.  Between dealing with the stress of work and his family, he really needed this break.  It truly was perfect timing.

Jack, of course, had a blast.  How could he not with family around him 24/7?  I was really nervous for yesterday since it was going to be just me and him for the first time in 9 days.  Often after a weekend with Tommy and others around, he is really bummed on Mondays for it to be just the two of us, but yesterday he did ok.  It was really fun to watch Jack form deeper relationships with his Pops, Nan, Uncle Bud, and Aunt Linny.  I have so many pictures from this trip, it would be overload to do them all in one post.  I’m going to break it up into probably two posts.  I apologize in advance if it gets old; I really want to look back and remember this vacation that was so perfect.

Baby’s first bike ride.  Ohh my I was so excited to get him on the bike and with good reason– he LOVED it!

What a view!  My 2 loves.

I sat back and watched the family play for awhile.

Family shot.

Our view every day.  Um.. yes.

Cuddles with Dada.

We watched the guys play when they finally made it around to the 18th.  Tommy putting.

Dad putting.

Our condo looked out over the 18th green and the ocean.  Quite a view.

I’ll be back tomorrow with Part 2.  Thanks for reading.

we’re back.

Today I’m lookin’ at this:

Rather than this:

It was hard to come back and reality sets in quickly, but it’s always good to be home.  Today you’ll find me cleaning, unpacking, and straightening up what you saw in those pictures above.