8. waves part 2.

I wrote back here about waves of grief.  In response to my post, I got an email from a dear woman in my life.  She is a mentor to me, a precious friend, and someone who loves my family dearly, so you can imagine the love I have in my heart for her. 


Here are some of her words: 

“The wave imagery is one I’ve often thought of during hard times in my life, and might I add: it goes much easier if you surrender to the wave that smacks you in the back and slams you to the floor, rather than fight that wave. Surrendering means accepting what is happening and dealing with it in that moment. Fighting means pretending it isn’t really happening, or it isn’t as bad as it really is and therefore not processing it. Either way, you eventually end up back at the shore on solid(ish) ground. But when you fight the wave, you get there with a load of sand in your suit, and coughing up salt water. And when you surrender to the wave, sometimes—just sometimes—there is a momentary surprise during the rough ride: a moment when you are amazed at what you are able to survive with God, and that moment can empower you for the next wave.”


Because maybe hope isn’t about not having any big waves knock you down, but instead, is about surrendering to the big waves, trusting that God will use it for His glory.  Trusting that He has us in his hands.  Having faith that what we hope for will one day come to be.  And sitting securely in His embrace while the water washes over us.  Hope isn’t about not getting beat up by the waves.  We all have big waves that come in our lives – be it broken families, broken dreams, unwanted pregnancies, lost friendships, lost jobs, financial problems, loved ones dying, children dying.  And we’re all going to get knocked down, beat up, and even feel stuck underwater thinking we can’t possibly survive this.  But we do.  And as my incredibly wise friend says, if we just surrender to the big waves and trust that God has us, we just might come out having seen something beautiful and learned more about ourselves than we ever could have. 




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*Thank you sweet, friend, for your words of wisdom and letting me share them here today. 



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